Prime ministers, company presidents and other discriminating clientele enjoy their relationships with members of the Tootikian family, who are currently training the fourth generation of specialists. "Ours is a well-connected and accomplished group that doesn't make referrals lightly. Our clients are proud to refer to us through their business associates, relatives or friends", humbly shares Haig Tootikian, Imperial Rug Galleries' respected owner.

It's no surprise then, that whether you visit their downtown Toronto location or their site in Oakville, run by Haig's brother Bob, gracious and highly knowledgeable experts warmly greet you. "The investment made in an Oriental rug should reward you with a lifetime of joy", maintains Bob. "We help people choose their carpet here but ask that they take it home to see it in its own surroundings. That way the final and educated decision can be made in the home."

So why is it that, in a business riddled with so much misrepresentation, Imperial Rug Galleries has endured, amassing a who's-who roster of clientele and a level of service that's unheard of in this business or any other? "Regular care and cleaning of an Oriental rug is important to maintain your investment and to ensure that your appreciates in value", explains Bob. "We provide professional cleaning and repair by skilled artisans; people from the old country with the knowledge and workmanship to keep the carpet in its original state. We'll happily visit your home to inspect your rugs, or to pick them up for cleaning or repair."

"Because there's no school where you can learn all that you need to know about choosing and caring for an Oriental rug, you need to trust the person with whom you do business", cautions Haig. "It pays to deal with someone who can help you understand how rugs are priced and why certain rugs have a higher value than others. Be wary of deep discounts! Protect yourself by comparison shopping to see what others are offering in the same price range. Then, carefully assess the uniqueness, harmony of design and colour, and the condition of the particular rug you are considering. We're at your service, whether for a purchase, an appraisal, cleaning, repair or simply conversation on the art of Oriental rugs." 

We personally select our inventory by hand from India, Pakistan, Nepal and surrounding regions.